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Fine Art Prints

Images are available as custom prinst. Prints are made with archival pigmented inks and printed on Ilford and other fine art papers. All prints are signed. Available sizes include 11x11, 11x15, 12x18, 16x16, and 16x24. Gorgeous cotton rag prints mounted to aluminum dibond and protected with a UV laminate are available. Contact me for pricing and details.

Butterfly Note Cards

Each blank note card is printed on high quality card stock by a local printer on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper. Natural history about each butterfly is included on the back, and each set of four cards is protected in a clear bag. Note to retailers: 32 additional new single card designs are available, 12 are greeted.

Three different sets of four butterfly cards are now available. An order form is below. In the Madison area, the cards featured below and plus new designs can be found at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and the American Players Theatre.

American Copper ButterflyRegal FritillaryMarine Blue ButterflyBlack Swallowtail

Prairie set: American Copper and Berry Blossoms, Endangered Regal Fritillary, Marine Blue, and Black Swallowtail—The Marine Blue was only the fifth sighting of this beautiful butterfly in Wisconsin.


Eastern Pine ElfinJuniper HairstreakOlympia MarbleEastern Tailed-Blues

Small Gem set: Eastern Pine Elfin, Juniper Hairstreak, Olympia Marble, Blues Trio—These tiny butterflies are some of my favorites. The Olympia Marble is is a white and green-gold marbled beauty. The Juniper Hairstreak is one of our rare butterflies and Wisconsin's only green butterflies.

Great Spangled FritillaryMonarchOrange SulfurAmerican Lady

Open Wings set: Great Spangled Fritillary, Monarch, Flying Sulphur, American Lady—The Flying Sulphur is an Orange Sulphur butterfly. I found this magnificent animal at Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton, Wisc. Blazing star, the pink flower that the Monarch and American Lady are nectaring on, is an excellent native plant for your butterfly garden.


Each set of four cards is $12 including shipping (continental United States only), plus 55 cents sales tax (for Wisconsin residents).

A card order form is available.


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