Ann Thering Photography

About Ann

Ann Thering's award-winning photography features insects you will want to take a closer look at, not run away from. Her artful bugs include everything from exquisite green butterflies to inquisitive red beetles. The intimate details of these portraits dazzle and amaze.

* * *

I try to capture the magic of insects and make them not as scary as they are often portrayed. Insects are, in fact, very cool. Many beautiful (and harmless) bugs go unnoticed, such as the tiny blue butterflies that sparkle for only a few days or the elusive elfins that dance in forest openings in spring.

I want to share the ephemeral beauty of butterflies and other insects, and also try to capture a bit of what makes them what they are, be it their effortless flight, their shimmering wings, or the delicate way they perch.

My photography explores the color, patterns, and textures of insects and their surroundings. I do not net, ice, or otherwise harass my bugs. I do sometimes bring in eggs or caterpillars from my yard to rear inside my house, a much safer place to be (only about 1 percent of eggs become adult butterflies).

Perhaps one of my images will bring back happy memories of days chasing bugs through a meadow. I urge you not to dwell on thoughts of bugs chasing you.

Bit by bit, I am turning my back yard in Madison, Wisconsin, into a butterfly haven. Butterfly gardening is something anyone with a small plot of land, or even a patio, can enjoy. If you plant nectar plants such as milkweed and plants for butterfly caterpillars to feed on, and don't use pesticides, you should attract butterflies. You can download a copy of my Wisconsin butterfly gardening handout.